Installation & On-Site Training

Helping clients choose the best renewable energy solution is only just the beginning for GSOL ENERGY. With an expert team of in-house technicians who travel on-site to assist with installation and set-up, we will get you up and running quickly.

Knowing that local knowledge is key, especially in volatile or emerging regions, we also partner with local experts to make sure that installation goes smoothly.  These on-the-ground assets are invaluable not only with initial set-up and build, but also as local contacts for ongoing local support.

GSOL ENERGY’s installation team come with the tools, knowledge and expertise to set up your systems, but they provide so much more as they also provide on-site training to the end user.  This knowledge transfer ensures that you are confident in the day to day use of the systems, but also have the know-how to make small adjustments for smoother running and basic maintenance.  They will also provide instruction on how to install any future systems, eliminating the need for on-site assistance and associated costs.