PV Systems

Having access to a reliable power source is of great importance to people everywhere. In certain parts of the world this is not always the case with unreliable power grids, the imposition of “silent hours”, or a complete lack of access to power sources of any kind.  GSOL ENERGY has a range of traditional solar PV systems which can provide power in almost any situation.  Flexible configurations with on-grid, off-grid or hybrid solutions, these systems are tailor made according to the client’s specifications.  Suitable for everyday consumption or powerful enough to support large-scale operations from schools to hospitals, we analyze specific needs to provide the most suitable product.

Custom Made, Long Term Power Supplies

GSOL ENERGY’s traditional solar PV systems are flexible solutions and made to order, and provide a green and environmentally sound power solution. Bespoke solutions are created in consultation with clients, and then delivered with on-site assembly, complete installation and on-site testing.  This long-term solution can last 20 years or more with proper maintenance and provides a cost-effective energy solution.


Product Benefits

  • Completely customizable
  • Suitable for small and large-scale power needs
  • On-grid, off-grid or hybrid solutions available
  • Ground of roof mounted options available
  • Clean and renewable energy solution
  • Long-lasting, reliable and durable
  • Cost-effective