Solar Containers from GSOL ENERGY provide a flexible and reliable power source and are perfect solutions for areas without space available for dedicated tech rooms or in disaster areas where there is no infrastructure at all.  These self-contained power systems can provide temporary or long-term power supply for even the most remote locations and are easy to install by on-site staff.  Powerful enough to support energy needs for refugee camps or hospitals, these systems are also portable and able to be moved from one location to another without having to be dismantled and re-installed.

Flexible and Easy to Install

A “plug and play” solution, solar containers are ready to go almost immediately upon arrival and internal batteries provide back-up power when needed. Easy to install and easily transportable for use in multiple locations, these are some of the most flexible renewable energy solutions for small and large scale projects.


Product Benefits

  • Completely customizable
  • Suitable for small and large-scale power needs
  • Self-contained & easy to install
  • Back-up power via internal batteries
  • Mobile solution can be used at multiple locations
  • Clean & renewable energy source